Host Your Own Event

Neuroblastoma families and their supporters across the country are fundraising under the umbrella of The James Fund.  Together we have raised over $4.5 Million for neuroblastoma research, globally.  Our research successes have brought in another $4.5 Million in matching funds from other agencies.

Fundraising is a really great thing to do.  It teaches young people skills, it teaches kids to give, it makes us feel good about ourselves, it helps others, and it gives those whose family has been affected by cancer something productive to do.  It helps the neuroblastoma community to empower itself.

We would be honoured to help you create a fundraising event and, depending on the circumstances of your event, are often able to offer:

– ideas for your event (and sometimes what not to do!)
– templates, forms and spreadsheets for events
– letter of introduction for sponsors
– online donation page
– online fundraising event system
– tax receipting
– guidance on selling promotional draw tickets
– handouts
– wording for promotional materials
– information about the disease
– an introduction to other James Fund fundraisers in your area
– promote your event on our web site.

Depending on the nature and timing of your event, we may even be able to include your event in one of our media campaigns.

To inquire about hosting an event, please contact:

James Fund